Axiome Winter Update

Our Winter Update covers three topics:

Investment Markets - In the investment market review we summarise some of the key talking points in the markets over the last three months.  Although recent developments in both Greece and China have caused global markets to become a little unsettled, the performance of diversified investment portfolios through this period has been significantly better than the news headlines would have us believe.

Greek Debt Crisis - Given the intense media coverage given to the Greek debt crisis, we have also included a separate article called “Greece - The Path to Austerity”.  This catalogues how Greece got into its current predicament and outlines some tentative thoughts as to what could happen from here. 

NZ Trust Law - The final article focuses on how the New Zealand courts are interpreting (or reinterpreting) trust law, and on the current Law Commission trust law reform proposals.  This is recommended reading for anyone with a family trust.