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our story

In 2004 Philip de Lisle left the corporate world of downtown Auckland and brought his consulting and accounting business closer to home in Devonport for lifestyle reasons.  This proved to be an inspired move.  

A core team was quickly formed and has remained stable over the years.  The client relationships have been rewarding and the work across the various practice disciplines has been fulfilling.  

Philip has often said: “I’ve got a great team and have quality clients doing interesting things – it’s easy to like my work.” 

Devonport is a great demographic – a lot of our growth has come from locally based clients with diverse and interesting personal finance and business needs.  Additionally, we continue to work with our wider Auckland-based clients, as well as clients across the North Island, and a number of international clients.

We maintain an excellent professional network of external specialists.  The depth of service and expertise we can draw together for clients is really very scalable, and extends to complex trust, tax and commercial needs.  

Our investment consulting specialisation is itself connected nationally and internationally to some of the most credible sources of research and prudent portfolio implementation.  Importantly, and consistent with the ethics of chartered accountants in public practice, we pride our positioning as a provider of independent advice.  As a fee only advisory firm we have no vested interest in the investment strategies we recommend and ensure our interests are aligned with those of our clients.

our services

Axiome Consultants Ltd is a chartered accounting practice with an investment management specialisation. Our clients include high net worth individuals, companies, trusts and charities.

We aim to provide individually tailored investment solutions that meet our client’s financial goals. Our task is to maximise the prospect of clients attaining their investment objectives taking account of their individual circumstances and risk tolerance.