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The path to retirement should lead to greater freedom.

As financial advisers we want to identify the best solutions for our clients to help them reach their financial goals. At Axiome we recognise that everyone’s circumstances are different and investment decisions require more consideration than a generic off-the-shelf product can provide.

There are six default schemes in the KiwiSaver market and over 30 additional providers. Most of them allow some degree of customisation, for example, offering a choice of risk profile, but the options to tailor them are limited. It’s our belief that after working hard to earn your money and then putting a savings plan in place, it makes sense to want the very best results possible. What we offer, through our partnership with Consilium, is an experience designed specifically with a client’s risk tolerance and financial goals in mind, with ongoing personalised advice and monitoring.

KiwiWrap KiwiSaver

KiwiWrap can be a standalone service but equally can be combined with an investment portfolio strategy to provide a full picture of a client’s finances with ongoing advice.  Axiome does not accept commission payments, trails or incentives of any kind.  As an independent firm we are free to make truly impartial recommendations and put your interests first. 

In order to be most cost effective, KiwiWrap KiwiSaver requires a minimum account balance of $50,000. If you are interested in finding out more about the advantages of switching your KiwiSaver to Axiome, please get in touch.

Bridge the gap to retirement

We believe in the importance of being intentional with both your spending and investment decisions. Every dollar coming in should have an assigned job. Either it is spent funding your lifestyle in the present or invested to build the desired life you want in the future. If your projected retirement savings fall short of your estimated future needs, there exists a savings gap that the individual needs to address to ensure a comfortable retirement. Closing this gap might involve adjusting savings rates, seeking higher investment returns, working longer, or reassessing retirement goals and lifestyle expectations.

“We have been with Axiome, ably led by Philip de Lisle, for over a decade. He has taken us through a number of personal and global shifts, ensuring we have sound advice to make sensible and beneficial decisions. We are given individual attention which reflects our personal characteristics and preferences. In difficult times he has been firm and clear in his advice, making sure we avoided potentially unsafe directions, willing to give advice we did not like, but which he considered necessary. Philip is highly personable and trustworthy. We have benefitted much from the service that he and his colleagues have provided, and we recommend Axiome highly.”

Rob & Ann

Understand the beliefs behind the well-diversified portfolios that we create to build your wealth.

Why we’re the investment consultant you can trust that to act in your best interests.

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