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A local presence. National expertise.
Global knowledge.


A local presence.
National expertise.
Global knowledge.


Axiome can assist you to manage your financial affairs using our integrated investment management and accounting services.

Importantly, and consistent with the ethics of chartered accountants in public practice, we are proud of our position as a provider of independent advice. Our investment consulting specialisation is connected nationally and internationally to some of the most credible sources of research and prudent portfolio implementation. As a fee-only advisory firm we have no vested interest in the investment strategies we recommend, ensuring our interests are aligned with yours at all times.

Based in Devonport on Auckland’s North Shore, we offer accounting and taxation services that are tailored to meet the individual needs of your business and we measure our success by your success, placing value on the quality of our advice and relationship.

We offer you


Axiome Chartered Accountants specialise in providing top quality accounting, tax compliance and business services designed to meet the specific needs of you and your business. We are proud members of Chartered Accountants ANZ.

investment advice

We provide individually tailored investment solutions that meet our clients’ financial goals, utilising world class portfolio implementation strategies. Our task is to maximise the prospect of clients attaining their investment objectives.

integrated service

Axiome’s overarching approach to managing your financial affairs is to utilise both our accounting and investment specialisations to support you to achieve your personal, family and business goals. This can include helping with trust administration.

Finance is not merely about making money. It’s about achieving our deep goals and protecting the fruits of our labour.



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