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It may have occurred to you just how complex and vital getting it right is when it comes to saving, investing, maximising your wealth and planning for your money to outlast you. If so, you’ve probably asked yourself how to find the right financial adviser for your needs.

Often there’s a fear of investing because it is outside of what you know and you’re afraid of getting it wrong and losing all your money. There are governing bodies who will ensure advisers are putting your interests first. Anyone providing financial advice in New Zealand is required to be licensed by the FMA as a Financial Advice Provider.

Ultimately, you need to feel confident in the adviser’s competency, objectivity and their responsiveness to your needs. The adviser-client relationship, like many relationships, is built on trust and communication. So doing the proper due diligence in choosing an adviser should provide long-term benefits and peace of mind.

Give yourself confidence by doing your research

Some financial advisers are bound to certain providers and can only sell products from those companies. They could be tied to one provider or a small list of providers. These agents receive commissions or performance related bonuses from the providers they are linked to. Independent advisers can advise you on products from any financial provider and their payment is not fixed to the products, but rather to a fee charged for their services. Axiome falls into this category. We may charge a one-off fee for a consultation, or it may be part of ongoing service fees charged to manage your investments.

Do the fees reflect the level of service offered – there are many no-frills, low-cost options out in the market but value for money is more important than outright low fees. It is vital that you receive advice that is tailored to your individual needs. Access to best-of-breed wholesale funds, and independent selection and monitoring of funds based on rigorous, high-quality research are all worth paying for.

Financial advisers in New Zealand are regulated by the Financial Markets Authority and must be on the Financial Service Providers register. You can check this by looking for an adviser firm’s FSP number and checking it exists on the register at the NZ Companies Office. A Code of Conduct sets standards for competence, knowledge and skill, and advisers are required to belong to an approved dispute resolution scheme.

Investment markets are sophisticated and there is a lot of choice out there when it comes to investing. Have a look at how an adviser goes about selecting and monitoring funds that go into their model portfolios. Do they use an external, credible source of research? Do they have an independent investment committee with a depth of engagement to advise on fund selection and performance?

The relationship between you and your adviser will ideally be a long-term one, so a good ‘fit’ is important. There may be times of volatility in the markets when trust in your adviser will help you to ride out the fluctuations and maintain a disciplined and long-term approach to your investments. Start out with a no obligation consultation and make sure you feel comfortable with your adviser and their approach to investing.

Prepare yourself for the meeting

Working with an adviser is much more than just numbers; it’s one of the most intimate relationships you will have. You must open up your entire personal life by sharing your goals and dreams as well as your financial status. Financial advisers usually offer a free consultation. Much like a first date, it gives you the opportunity to get to know each other first, and then decide is you want to take the relationship  to the next level. To maximise your time with the adviser effectively we recommend you prepare your information thoroughly.

What makes Axiome the right choice?

When you are going to invest money with an investment consultant you need to be able to trust that they are acting in your best interests. We don’t just say that; our whole business is structured around this tenet.


As a truly independent firm we are free to make impartial recommendations and put your interests first.


Our only remuneration is earned from each client according to agreed terms. Not through incentives or commissions.


Best practice systems and partners maintain checks and balances over your money and how we manage it.


All investment plans are tailor-made to meet your individual goals. This means you get the best solution available, without restriction.

“Philip has looked after our accounts for years. I trusted him to manage our investments because he is not pretending to be better than others at guessing the market, but has a strategy based on sound theory and market fundamentals.”

Tim Denne, phd msc

Many thanks to Philip and the team at Axiome for looking after an investment portfolio for my elderly mother. It was a great pleasure to have very clear and professional advice at all times. The personalised structure of the investment allowed Mum to have a balance of income top-up and growth of portfolio in her later life. Philip was always available and a very kind and considered sounding board when required.

I can only speak very highly of Axiome and do recommend that anybody thinking of getting financial and investment advice to have a sit down and a cup of excellent coffee with Philip.

Dallas Y

“Philip, Mary and the Axiome team have given me investment advice and managed my finances for several years.They provide clarity and make astute recommendations based on research and analysis. Their integrity and trustworthiness are exemplary. I wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Jacqui O

Find out about our process that determines your goals and tailors a plan specifically for you now and in the future.

Understand the beliefs behind the well-diversified portfolios that we employ to build your wealth.

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