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The way we achieve our own success is by helping you get yours first.

When it comes to investment advisers you have choices, so what distinguishes us from the others?

It will have occurred to you just how complex and vital it is to get it right when it comes to saving, investing, maximising your wealth and planning for your money to outlast you. Choosing the right adviser is a critical first step.

When you are going to invest money with an investment consultant you need to be able to trust that they are acting in your best interests. We don’t just say that; our whole business is structured around this tenet.


We provide independent advice. We have never accepted trails, commissions, or incentives of any kind. As a truly independent firm we are free to make impartial recommendations and put your interests first.


Our only remuneration is earned from each client according to agreed terms. We have no vested interest in the investment strategies we may recommend, aligning our interests solely with our clients.


Best practice systems and partners maintain checks and balances over your money and how we manage it. Our investment solutions utilise world class academic research and disciplined trading strategies.


All investment plans are tailor made to meet your individual goals. We aim to maximise the prospect of you attaining your investment objectives, accounting for your personal circumstances and risk tolerance.

“We have been with Axiome, ably led by Philip de Lisle, for over a decade. He has taken us through a number of personal and global shifts, ensuring we have sound advice to make sensible and beneficial decisions. We are given individual attention which reflects our personal characteristics and preferences. In difficult times he has been firm and clear in his advice, making sure we avoided potentially unsafe directions, willing to give advice we did not like, but which he considered necessary. Philip is highly personable and trustworthy. We have benefitted much from the service that he and his colleagues have provided, and we recommend Axiome highly.”

Rob & Ann

The seasoned professionals who make up our investment team

Our team have worked in industry, banking and accounting firms in New Zealand and abroad and have the connections to bring together the right people to get you to the best solution. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, the choices and the risks associated, and what needs to be considered within the context of what’s practical. But what we enjoy most is when we’re able to provide a solution that’s right for you. We know how expert investment advice can create freedom of choice, especially when it’s tailored to you and your goals.

A depth of resource keeps us ‘best of breed’

We do not work in isolation. We join with strategic partners to add depth and resources to our service. We are a member of Metis Research Group NZ Ltd, a contractual service provider to independently owned firms representing over $450 million in funds under advice. This technical resource engages asset consultants to serve on an independent Investment Committee, advising on fund selection and performance. Internationally we are part of a like-minded network of advisers that is providing tailored financial services for billions of dollars in funds. We access wholesale funds from fund managers, including BlackRock and Dimensional Fund Advisors, that are not available to retail investors.

  • Strategic partnerships add value
  • Investment strategies based on internationally recognised academic research
  • Access to wholesale funds and manager fee discounts
  • Independent reviews of fund performance provide accountability
  • Structured and systematic approach to portfolio construction
  • Best of breed third party solutions for secure custody

How we secure your funds

Often there’s a fear of investing because it is outside of what you know and you’re afraid of getting it wrong and losing your hard-earned money. There are governing bodies who will ensure advisers are putting your interests first. Anyone providing financial advice in New Zealand is required to be licensed by the Financial Markets Authority as a Financial Advice Provider. There are regulations requiring the separation of advice and custody of funds. Axiome Consultants does not directly handle any client money. Investments are held beneficially in each client’s individual name. This is all managed through Investment Custodial Services Ltd/Apex.

Trusted partnerships

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