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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

When you consider investing your money, you do so with specific goals in mind. Whether it is creating financial stability for you and your family, supporting your community and the causes you care about, creating a comfortable and fulfilling retirement, or leaving a legacy to those you love, you do so with a purpose.

Axiome has a robust process to help you determine your goals, risk tolerance, time frames and income needs. We then formulate a plan specifically to meet your personal requirements.

Getting started with a one-to-one consultation

Whether you are an individual, a trustee, or an organisation, you will have goals, timeframes, risk tolerances and income needs. At your first meeting with us, we will sit down and go through these with you in detail to ensure we have a full understanding of your current financial situation and your goals for the future. We will ask you to complete a FinaMetrica risk tolerance questionnaire to ascertain the correct level of risk for you. This information will feed through to our planning process. 

Developing the right strategy to meet your goals

The information we gather in our first meeting with you will be utilised to formulate an Investment Plan. This includes your current financial situation combined with your financial goals and some assumptions regarding your level of risk appetite and personal savings and spending habits. The plan will bring in any future investment additions over time into a consolidated view of your finances. The appropriate asset allocation to suit your risk profile will be determined as part of this process and your future cash flows will be modelled. To do this, we use a Monte Carlo simulation model to add statistical confidence to forecast future values of your investments.

Putting your plan in place

Once we have agreed your plan with you and signed the relevant documentation, your portfolio will be set up on the custodial platform at Adminis and your money invested according to the asset allocation strategy you have confirmed with us. Any regular withdrawals will be set up and you will receive a login for the client portal at Adminis so you can view your portfolio at any time.

Optimising your investment to enhance perfomance

Our Investment Committee conducts a periodic asset allocation review. This may result in some changes to the funds we invest in, but in general you should expect stability within the construction of your portfolio. We believe holding assets for the long-term is a better strategy than short-term buying and selling. To ensure your chosen asset allocation strategy remains in place, we will rebalance your portfolio to the approved mandate every six months. You will receive quarterly reports detailing the performance of your investments, but we welcome communication from you at any time.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.


Best practice processes protect your investment

We engage a variety of tools and methods to provide robustness to the process of planning and implementation of investment portfolios for clients. We do not work in isolation and have strategic partners that add depth and backup to our service. Prior to the formulation of your Investment Plan, a FinaMetrica risk tolerance questionnaire gives us information vital to understanding individual attitudes to risk. If your risk tolerance is aligned to your asset allocation correctly, you will be more likely to be comfortable with the ups and downs of the market. Our independent Investment Committee is instrumental in selecting and monitoring the investment funds that comprise your portfolio. In the planning process, we use a Monte Carlo simulation statistical tool that is used to develop probability analysis of expected outcomes over time.  It samples thousands of combinations within the ranges of potential outcomes across portfolio components to provide a statistically based distribution of results with various confidence intervals. The last step in the investment process is secure custody of client funds. Investments are held beneficially in each client’s individual name and managed by the custodial platform. Quarterly performance reporting and audit information is provided by the custodian.

” I have been a client of Axiome Consultants since 2009. There was a rigorous assessment of our investment objectives and risk profile. I was favourably impressed by the information provided on “asset class investment” employed by Axiome. I have been satisfied that the investment holding and reporting structure through MMC and ICSL provides a secure and independent platform. The quarterly and annual reports are reliable and of a high standard.”

PMBC - Trustee

Understand the beliefs behind the well-diversified portfolios that we create to build your wealth.

How we go beyond quarter-to-quarter returns, to meeting your goals and growing your wealth over the long term.

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