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Axiome December update 2021


As 2022 begins, with Covid still dominating headlines and the new variant Omicron perpetuating the state of limbo we all feel ourselves in, it is worth reiterating the comfort to be drawn from a well thought out and disciplined approach to achieving your financial goals. This should be an area of life where there is clarity and consistency. Yes, markets will fluctuate as news rolls through, and market movements may be sharper than is comfortable at times, but it is bearing this risk that allows investors to achieve their returns and is a necessary part of investing. It does not mean that investors need to react to every piece of bad news, even major bad news such as pandemics. Leave the markets to price in the news flow, even in the throes of a pandemic, and take comfort in the knowledge that your financial plan, based on properly assessed goals incorporating all factors relevant to you, will stand you in good stead and help you to achieve your goals. Remaining invested is essential in order to capture all the returns available.

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