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“Philip and his team at Axiome have professionally and efficiently managed our personal taxation requirements since 2008, and through their investment arm provided a comprehensive and sound longterm investment strategy which we can rely on for the future.
Philip’s approach is personable and professional providing good advice to help us make informed decisions. As a trustee, Axiome’s Integrated Service, which combines both accounting services and investment advice has been invaluable in helping us manage trust administration and reporting requirements.
Having built up a relationship over time, it reassuring to talk to familiar people each time, who understand our needs. We are delighted to be able to recommend Philip and the Axiome team.”

“We have been with Axiome, ably led by Philip de Lisle, for over a decade. He has taken us through a number of personal and global shifts, ensuring we have sound advice to make sensible and beneficial decisions. We are given individual attention which reflects our personal characteristics and preferences. In difficult times he has been firm and clear in his advice, making sure we avoided potentially unsafe directions, willing to give advice we did not like, but which he considered necessary. Philip is highly personable and trustworthy. We have benefitted much from the service that he and his colleagues have provided, and we recommend Axiome highly.”

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