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Tuning out the noise

When you are being bombarded with market information on a daily basis it’s hard to hold the line. See the difference an investment professional can make to assist you see beyond the noise

Changing lanes

Constantly changing your investment adds anxiety and risk with no guarantee you will get further ahead. Find out how keeping in your lane create a better investor experience

The role of volatility

Volatility levels can sometimes make investing feel like a rollercoaster but volatility, or risk, in other words, is what allows investors to make returns. Risk and return are closely linked. 

The benefits of diversification

The old adage “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is especially relevant in the context of investments. Relying on too narrow a base of investments is a sure way to increase the risk in your portfolio.

Ring fencing property losses

Losses from residential property rentals can no longer be offset against other income, but instead must be ring-fenced and carried forward to apply to residential rental income in future income tax years. Depending upon the number of properties you own,…

Property ‘change of use’ rule

If the sale of your property is subject to the bright-line test, and you don’t use a property as your main home for 12 months or more, you will be required to pay income tax on a proportion of the…

Working from home credits

As the incidence of working from home has continued, the IRD has extended the tax exemption on the work from home allowance of up to $20 per week until March 2023. Employees can receive up to $20 per week, tax-free,…

Calculating fringe benefit tax

To calculate the fringe benefit tax payable on a motor vehicle you will need the vehicle’s cost or book value, the number of private use days in the quarter and any employee contributions towards the vehicle’s use. The detailed rules…

What you will pay fringe benefit tax on

Fringe Benefit tax (FBT) is payable when the following benefits are supplied to employees: Private use of a motor vehicle, Low or interest-free loans, Free, subsidised or discounted goods or services, Employer contributions to sick, accident, insurance schemes. Once you start providing…

Work from home allowance

Did you know that the government has announced several tax deductible allowances to make working from home easier for you and your employees?

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