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You can’t eat investment property

As Kiwis, we love property. In fact, homes and real estate make up approximately 43% of total household assets in New Zealand. However, this love affair has started to sour for many indebted investors.

Keep calm and carry on

Our Western culture values the idea of activity – being busy is a badge of honour with people listing the number of things they have scheduled in a day with pride. This is arguably the worst way to approach your…

Is the pain over for bonds?

Bonds have traditionally been used to cushion investment portfolios from the more volatile movements more commonly experienced in equity markets, as well as generating low-risk income or yield beyond what is available in the term deposits market.

The role of volatility

Volatility levels can sometimes make investing feel like a rollercoaster but volatility, or risk, in other words, is what allows investors to make returns. Risk and return are closely linked. 

The benefits of diversification

The old adage “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is especially relevant in the context of investments. Relying on too narrow a base of investments is a sure way to increase the risk in your portfolio.

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